"HELP I CANT EHEA R SSIHJT." I...Love Her. Thank You AMO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Known for being able to "fly" around the gymnasium and contort her body in ways that divide people so often that there are legitimate debates on whether if what she's doing is grotesque or beautiful, with her lack of ears adding to the charm, eighteen-year-old Ano Tia Culverwell is a living legend, whom almost nobody can surpass. However, she'd really prefer it if you called her "Tia," she finds the name that her father picked out for her to be "of poor taste." When she's not competing in major events, she's mostly performing tricks to whatever song is popular at the time. Due to the constant overworking of her body, she constantly gets severe stomach cramps. It's been six years and she's still not used to the pain. Her limbs are constantly sore, so she combats this with a large helping of painkillers, but she makes sure that they aren't enough for her to overdose on. This is still slowly killing her nerves. Tearing ligaments isn't at all a rare feat, sometimes she doesn't even notice she's done it. She barely smiles and often looks a bit scared, like she's looking out for someone or something. In spite of that, she is very humorous and is known for playing pranks on everyone, even when faced with serious repercussions. Tia can be very controlling and will even manipulate people to get her way, but she barely does this. Depending on who you ask, Tia is either a major square or too much of a rebel. It all depends on how she's feeling. As time passes, Tia is becoming more of a perfectionist, constantly scanning any piece of media that involves her, soaking up the criticisms and the praises alike. One part of her fears that she might push herself over to the edge and badly harm herself, the other doesn't care in the slightest. Besides gymnastics, she has an interest in dance and absolutely loves the culture of the '80s, or at least the polished version of the '80s. With fame, Tia accumulated a myriad of friends, but she purposely makes sure she doesn't give one or the other too much attention, so she refuses to text them, and instead makes a calendar. Each day of the week includes a friend's name, what they like and dislike, and what they'd most likely want to do on that given date. This doesn't make for healthy relationships, but Tia genuinely thinks that this is efficient. Tia is Jaden Smith-tier when it comes to intelligent conversations, often pulling pseudoscience out of her ass or purposely siding with the unpopular opinion simply because it's unpopular. Her eye is constantly on the changing fads, and she will quickly adapt and learn how to utilize them so she can, "improve her craft." It's become a running gag to point out how bad Tia smells sometimes. She pretends not to find this offensive but everyone can tell that it affects her. She uses three types of sign languages (ASL, BANZSL, and LSF; she isn't very good at LSF however and she often has to correct herself. Embarrassing.) Born with a condition called (you probably already guessed it) Anotia, she lived most of her life learning sign language and attending schools for the deaf. While most parents would be absolutely shattered knowing that their child will have a major roadblock in their development, her parents were actually anticipating this. One could even say that they were thrilled to hear about this. Both of her parents are extremely superstitious and like staying connected to their culture and their roots. When they were still young and in love, they would attend a party that would be thrown every five years. This party consisted of people who were associated and/or were blood-related to the Culverwells. One of them happened to be an eighty-seven-year-old woman, who had no ears. Someone had claimed that this was Tia's father's great, great grandmother and that it wouldn't be long before there was another in his part of the family tree who also wouldn't have ears. It was obvious that they'd find this particularly important, seeing as they constantly bugged Tia's father about having a child. When asked, they claimed that if they were to have another child who is born without ears, that this child will be the protector and the most successful of the family. There would be an enrichment of the family tree. Tia's mother was very wary of this, not because it sounded too mystical to be true, but because she feared being replaced. However, she loved her husband too much to decline, so they had a child together. Both Tia's mother and herself didn't realize that her name was a pun until she was seven. They endlessly pampered Tia as she was a baby, but as soon as she was able to walk and talk, oh ho ho ho, IT'S EXPLOITING YOUR CHILDREN TIME BAYBEE! She was thrust into a myriad of hobbies, and if she didn't find signs of her caring enough and/or she just sucked plain ass at it, they'd quickly withdraw her and throw her into some other thing. They were so caught up in this that they didn't really consider how unusually flexible and active Tia was for her age until some random white woman mentioned it. Not long after this, she was put into a gymnastics class/club. They weren't ready for her. Tia didn't follow the designated instructions and would usually just be balls around the fucking place, but the teacher still admired her talents. However, since Tia didn't know what the fuck discipline was, they constantly had to put certain restraints on her. This pissed her off. Another thing that pissed Tia off was how the children treated her. They constantly marveled at her, starting for hours, and kept asking her questions, which of course she couldn't hear, but she could already tell that they were annoying. It wasn't all that different from how she was treated during her time at school. Another dilemma was that she constantly had bad pains from either pulling multiple muscles at once and/or overexerting herself. Her mother constantly brushed it off due to all the attention she was getting (even the news knew about her!) so Tia came into the habit of attempting to ignore her pain and failing miserably. As she kept up with making mediocre grades in school and doing gymnastics, she eventually rose to stardom during her Sophomore year and was pulled from schools right after. Winning 43 golds, 2 silvers, and a bronze, Tia knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.