Obsessed with modifying his body to the point where people began to suspect that he's actually an alien, D, real name D'Angelo Macneil, defies nearly all human logic. He's known for having a square opening to his brain, which he claims he achieved through years of trepanning and his brain's distinctive color, which is a baby blue. He doesn't want to reveal how he did this in fear that people would start hurting themselves. Scientists and doctors hate him and also marvel at his ability to...still be breathing. Despite pushing thirty, he still lives with his father, who supports his "little hobby." He's a bit wary about going outside, and when he does, he covers himself up completely and claims that he's simply just a cosplayer. Where he really lives is in forums that have to do with the refitting, cutting, stapling, etc. of skin. Hailed as a legend and an attention seeker, if D's name isn't survived in real life, it will definitely be survived on the internet. The attention really isn't the reason why he does it. He enjoys body modification and wants other people to enjoy it too, which is usually backed up by the fact that most of his posts are either tutorials, compliments to other body modifiers, and encouragement from people who want to become one but are too shy to do it. There's a part of him that wants to become a human rights activist and a politician, but he fears that his appearance will stop anyone from taking him seriously. In his spare time, he creates documentaries about his friends and writes short stories about livestock creating an uprising and slaughtering humans for food. Stop-motion animation is his kryptonite. D's often a generous person and is very trusting of people, but not at all gullible. He's well-mannered and doesn't find it hard to make friends, but sometimes he feels like he's pushing himself to be an extrovert, which in turn drains him, but he tries his hardest not to let people see that side of him. Most people who participate in body modification would gag at the thought of being seen as a traditionalist, but no D. He actually likes to follow the rules but doesn't think it's necessary, and really only is such a square because he doesn't like confrontation. He likes to live for the moment most times, so he isn't all that prudent. However, despite having a cool surface, he can often be possessive and prone to mental breakdowns. He can't seem to stand criticism in the slightest and becomes surprisingly hostile when he feels cornered. When he's in one of those states, it's hard for him to properly express himself, so he's just making a complete and total ass of himself. D doesn't like it when he's like that, but because of his unwillingness, he just doesn't change. He's also one of THOSE vegans, so. D'Angelo grew up the only child and a single father. For a good chunk of his childhood, he was oblivious to the fact that his father had killed his mother only about 2 weeks after he was born. It was a strange experience, living with his father. He wasn't necessarily abusive neither mentally, emotionally, or physically to D'Angelo himself. In fact, he was pretty good at playing father. But D'Angelo would constantly hear about or see his father's brutality, and somehow, the law was always on his side. In his young age, that made him develop a truly strange love-hate relationship with his father. Even though D'Angelo wanted his father to get caught or at least take responsibility for his actions, he'd often defend him, just like his father defended him. D'Angelo's father had constructed a pseudo-mob, despite having a fictionalized, glamourized, and simple understanding of how they work. He'd invite his friends over from his construction work job, they'd have a plan for how they'd wreak havoc on the neighborhood and go about doing it. He and his posse were responsible for a total of sixty arson and fifteen robberies over the span of five years. Though the law, again, was on D'Angelo's father's side, what the community lacked in justice, they made up for in shit-talking. D'Angelo was constantly singled out in school and people berated him for his father's actions. Some people actually admired him for it, but they were just like the kind of people you'd expect to admire a kid because their father was an unstoppable criminal. The kids constantly used him and treated him like a stepping stool, and during this time, D, in frustration, stapled himself with a stapler. That eventually led him to start picking at his skin, pulling it, slapping it, and other shit. D'angelo acknowledged this as the start of his fixation with body modification. Nine weeks before D's father was to be arrested and put on trial, he asks D'Angelo what he wants for Christmas, and D'Angelo asks for a trepanation device. His father has no idea what it is, but after asking around enough, he finds a makeshift one. His father is sent to jail. He has to serve five years. No one comes to tell him the news, so he believes his father has abandoned him. He locks himself in his room and begins the process. After a week, the cops come, and D'Angelo is found with a bleeding and exposed chunk of his brain, peeking out of a square-shaped hole. They initially think that he's already dead, but his chest is rapidly falling and rising. He's sent to the hospital and then later a mental facility, due to the belief that the incident was an extravagant suicide attempt of some kind. After completing the Baker Act, he found a computer sitting on his doorstep, which the sender was actually guarding until D'Angelo came back. A pity gift of some kind. D'Angelo became more and more tech-savvy and eventually stumbled upon a forum dedicated to body modification and he soon became inspired to start getting back on his bullshit. All he needed to do was remove his skin graft.