Fiachra "Fanny" Dobos, also known as "The Guy With The Weird Mouth", "Mommy, What's Wrong With His Face?" or just "Dobos" if you need to spare time. He has an odd mouth that goes beyond description and lives in front of a car dealership with his (kind of) boyfriend, Baptiste. A staggeringly luckily healthy crossbreed between humanoid and aquatic creature. Fun Fact: Dobos got his mouth from his father. Dobos can eat and speak with the mouth (he's surprisingly clear when it comes to diction), kissing is just no easy feat, that's all. It's not "bendable" and will only stay in its oval shape. The mouth is also rigid and always smells like saltwater, no matter what. He's gotten over being insecure about the mouth; it mentally drained him. Voice is slightly high-pitched yet still obviously masculine; has a stern undertone to it. His Eyesight has deteriorated so badly that not even his glasses can save him. He'll cope. No one knows his exact age, but it'll be healthy to guess that he's in the neighborhood of his late 20s to early 30s. A loveable guy, a bit bouncy and goofy and light-hearted. Would rather spend his life going around circles than being blunt. Backtracking and apologizing when it's not needed is his religion. However, despite the former, he's notorious for being nagging and annoying, in a blithe way, but it's still annoying. Pretty agreeable for the most part. Tries to stay neutral, tries to give respect. Not someone who wants to get into a fight, really. Under everything, he has an overwhelming need to be liked or loved by everyone, so this plays a part in those previous traits. Only when pushed to the edge will he become backbiting. Again, Dobos isn't the fighting type, so he'll most likely retaliate with talking shit and getting into verbal arguments--no more, no less. This eventually wears off into him awkwardly apologizing to whoever he was talking about. After this, he'll go and have a complex about it and wish that he wasn't "that way." Baptiste isn't much help; doesn't care. Dobos will try to remember everything he's done in his life so he could remember who he's wronged. When he finds a face in memory, he'll try to track them down and ask for forgiveness. As of writing this, he's only successfully apologized to one person. Prone to getting jealous easily, but will never admit that he is. Bottles up most of his feelings because he gets mentally exhausted talking about it all. Thinks his "suffering" isn't "worthy"; that's his excuse for not finding a shoulder to lean on or at least professional health. Fanny has a complex about touching people (except for Baptiste and this one girl). This may just be because he's trying to set the basis of "If I don't touch you, you shouldn't touch me." But he becomes psychically sick after doing anything that's a step over a handshake (his boyfriend and this one girl aren't exempt from this, either.) Like his boyfriend (sans the bullshit about the survival of the fittest), Dobos just lives to live. He has no "end game" in mind. Just living. Wasn't born as some sick and fucked up test tube-like George Micheal, wasn't born out of some fucked up incident of b**stiality. Way more contrived than either of those. Christian Witches have this weird obsession with resurrecting the dead "in the name of Christ." They usually don't do this via spells but rather through intense, fucked-up looking prayer sessions that could drain anyone from their energy. This time around, a resurrection of a teenaged boy who had accidentally drowned during a cruise was done by a different sect with different rules. They used all of the spells they could rip out of their asses and stayed on the beach for months. Not consecutive. Straight months. Pigs didn't get involved because they were superstitious and/or religious. They thought that coming into contact with people who perform witchcraft was the same thing as seeing the Elephant's foot in person. No pigs meant that the resurrection went things like that could go. Some people stared or even bothered them, but they took care of that pretty quickly. When he awoke, all of the witches embraced him and gave him the weird get-up he sports now. Including the elephant caps. Another Fun Fact: His clothes move. It lives. Yet Another Fun Fact: Mercedes Kanda and Dobos had met on one occasion and believed that they were associated with each other because Mercedes' horse skull and Dobos' hat(s?) looked similar. Came to the conclusion that this was just a co-winky-dink and went on with their lives. After the ritual, he got dropped on people's doorsteps and someone picked him up and blaaaaaaaaaaah. Blah. Fanny lived in this weird in-between of poverty and privilege. He would sometimes live with his aunt's cousin sometimes and she'd be extremely paid and shit and she'd let him do really based shit in intervals, but then he'd have to go back to his mom and dad, who was always a few steps away from being homeless. There would be times where his dad would win a bet or some shit and there'd be enough money to pay off the light bill, but that would be the only light at the end of the tunnel. Though his parents did almost everything for him, he really did resent them in this weird way. He would literally just hate them for circumstances that they had no control over. The school would be his safe haven because even though people stared at him for his weird mouth, the school served free lunch and the goths liked him. However, Dobos didn't know what the hell he was gonna do with his life and that frustrated him. Dobos' relationship with his parents started to strain so much that instead of arguing they'd just mean mug each other until they went their separate ways. One day, Dobos decided to sneak out of his parent's house and never come back. He couldn't walk far, so he stopped around a car dealership. The rest is history.