A sliver of human wrapped around a hyena's skull, attached to a stocky human body that seems to be bound to a shitty windbreaker for the rest of its life. His demeanor seems as if he wouldn't even dare to even breathe, but he is a talker. A nervous talker. One might even say...someone who is nervous...yet talks...[loud contemplative noise.] Bashful, yes, and extremely compassionate, always thinking for the underdog and always looking at the other side, even if it disrupts his opinion of certain things. However, cowardice runs in his blood and he can be a shift between fences just to "survive." Not reliable at all. I remember asking him, "Hey, Eef, can you scratch my balls?" And he had that AUDACITY to say no. Keep that in mind when interacting with this motherfucker. Eef has an unexplainable and thick Polish accent, despite not having any connections to Poland at all. In fact, he doesn't seem to be purely human. What he is exactly is unknown. According to his own words, he's had no childhood. To the inevitable grave, he will tell everyone that every burning memory he has, his body has stayed the same. But like normal humans, his intelligence, his views, and his personality shifted along with time. Yet not his body. His vessel has the health of a thirty-six-year-old man. Rough estimate. People don't believe this at all, understandably, but because there's no feasible way of disproving it, people mostly take his word for it. He'd probably be about 67 years old in human age. Every person he comes by sees him as a loveable and trusting person. Yet, people who have known him for more than three months have their qualms with him. Nevertheless, his reputation stays mostly spotless. He likes hanging out with the weirdasses who walk around in the street. We talking 'bout [Heavy D voice] Martinson, F, D, Kane, Dobos, and Baptiste. [\] He doesn't feel comfortable living in homes, so that's where he stays most of the time. Sleeping in the streets. Despite Eef actually being the only person in the "group" who is actually a "non-human or diety," he seems to believe that there's an unspoken understanding that all of them are beasts and that they have this sort of solidarity. He's in for a rude awakening soon. Barely any of them (except for Zdenka, who doesn't even associate with the people listed) really care about him and most times they're begging him to go away. He's an annoying fuck. A lovable and trusting annoying fuck, at that. Eef wants to become an important member of society and wants to stop being treated as a commodity, but either he doesn't make any effort or doesn't really know how to and unconsciously feeds into what makes people treat him that way. He's one of those people who think that having a pleading conversation with someone will automatically change their views on things. He's in for a rude awakening soon. Has a breezy and disembodied voice. It's not like the skull flaps open and close when he talks, so...yes. There's a reason as to why Eef doesn't remember his childhood. His body comes from a man who mysteriously was found face down in a motel in suspiciously fresh condition when room service found him. A hyena used for testing of hygienic products who was "mercifully executed." You know what's about to happen next, bros. He was, like, totally possessed by the dead guy after some random old man connected the hyena's skull and the dead guy's body together. This is absolutely true and anyone who says differently is a disgusting person and will be damned to hell forever. [Party Rock by LMFAO plays as I violently throw myself around like an ape around the dancefloor.] All jokes aside, Eef is the "after-life avatar" of a college student named Ken Vilar who used all of his remaining brainpower to create the Eef character before taking his own life. Ken was put onto the idea by his partner at the time. He really didn't believe in such a thing but still wanted to participate due to his interest in the afterlife. I'm not going to infodump on how afterlife avatar shit works besides that because I'm extremely fucking lazy but just...Yes :) It's real. Okay, maybe I will infodump, just a bit. It's kinda like attempting to create a tulpa except you don't have to keep at it for long. It's just a chore you have to keep in the back of your head. You think of what your avatar should look like, how they should act, what powers they have, and you just develop all of this information about them until you die. You have to remember ALL of it, or it'll just end up wonky and fucked up. Technically, Eef is fucked up and weird. Eef was supposed to have the face of a human and a hyena's skull, but as you can see the face part wasn't covered all that well. Eef has no idea that he is an extension of Ken and has no recollection of Ken's memories. Initially, if an avatar couldn't acknowledge that they are an extension of their makers, this was considered to be a flaw, but it was actually just a common thing. Barely any avatars acknowledge their makers. Before constructing Eef, Ken was a straight-C student at a prestigious college that he got into by pure chance. He absolutely hated the school but loved the people in it. He found them so odd and gravitating. He liked that they all had different ideas, different styles, etc. He met his partner and they eventually showed him the wonders of what you could do with your mind. Eef was proof of one of them. Eef probably has six more years to live, because that's how long Ken had constructed the idea of Eef. Unsurprisingly, Eef is oblivious to this. Fun fact: No matter where you touch Eef, he's gonna feel like sandpaper.