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mandelbaum, the second half of the legendary 1960s duo of arthouse dogs, the first half being his companion, cadwallader. a dandie dinmont terrier/greyhound mix forced to adopt human characteristics throughout the latter part of his life to the point where he truly believed he was human. his debut, Baring Teeth Or Otherwise Known As The Fantastical Endeavour Of The Two Unlikely Canine Friends Who Happen To Have A Fixation On Flesh and the circumstances that led up to the films finding propelled cadwallader and him to cult status. enjoyed a good liver-ruining brew, gardening, and of course, never leaved wally's side. he was a good boy. before being kidnapped, mandelbaum was bred by a small woman out in scotland who wanted to desperately keep the breed alive (dandie dinmonts, that is). mandelbaum was a literal mistake, as an intact greyhound stepped into her quarters (as she let the dogs sleep in the yard) and impregnated one of the dandies. suffering from anxiety and depression, another woman, american, was gifted mandelbaum, at that time being named "sammy boy."the pooch was only a puppy. those are some bars, admit it. those are some bars i just spat. around four years of age, sammy boy was kidnapped by a younger woman named beckett fusco. she was nimble, quick and knew sammy's owner's house well due to being acquaintances with her. sammy didn't make a sound. wrapped in the womans arms, he entered an attic filled with musk. another dog, a beautiful borzoi/afghan hound mix and a man named giffard. the siblings planned on making a movie on the two dogs, one that'll remain in infamy and will latch onto mandelbaum and cadwalladers names forever. and the fusco's of course. the movie, Baring Teeth Or Otherwise Known As The Fantastical Endeavour Of The Two Unlikely Canine Friends Who Happen To Have A Fixation On Flesh, wouldn't have existed if giffard hadn't walked into beckett's room by accident. he was mesmerized by the film that she had made, but knew she wasn't allowed to make it. cause it was boobies. and girl boobies at that. so to quell giffard's mouth, she decided that she'll make a film on whatever he wanted. of course, beckett knew he was going to mention dogs. they kept in the attic, giffard working on the script and beckett working on the soundtracks (by stealing records), sets and whatnot. the film has an anti-capitalist theme and seems to have been set somewhere in poland, despite the dogs speaking english and having non-polish names. the two dogs, named mandelbaum and cadwallader, were workers, building a nuclear plant, who bonded over the fact they were both dogs, abused, overworked, and desperately craving human flesh. only a quarter of the film had been recorded until the pressure had come to a high. the woman who was desperately looking for her sammy boy decided to storm the fusco's house one night to find him. the woman didn't allow giffard and beckett's mother (named magel) to call the police and searched the home for the dog. three hours drifted past her until she encountered a smell just above her. she entered the attic, eyeing giffard, beckett and the two dogs. giffard had cadwallader in an embrace and beckett peered out of the window with mandelbaum. the woman was at a loss for words. there she stood, nothing to say. eventually beckett noticed her, skin clinging to her bones and muttered, "how do you say?"the woman replied, "beg your parden?"and then beckett collapsed. giffard broke into hysterics and tried to hug the woman, magel ran upstairs in an outrage. under all of the chaos, she didn't notice that sammy boy, no, sorry, mandelbaum was standing on his hind legs and repeating under his breath, "Hell...o? Hello?” the sister laughed at the interrogators half of the time. giffard was at a loss for words and didn't say much. the mother was imprisoned for five years for abandonment and child abuse and the other kids were sent to the ward for simply being too based for the 60's. that may have been the end for the fusco name. dearest older brother and younger sister, a community-endorsed lawyer and a singer at a run down bar respectively started to get more side eyes and less promise, but that was just the beginning for cadwallader and mandelbaum. mandelbaum and cadwallader were special. not just because they were victims of unfortunate circumstances, but because of their demeanor. they slept like humans, talked like humans, walked like humans and had the intelligence of a junior in highschool. but it wasn't clean and near mythical. they always seemed to be exerting their energy doing things, you could spot their knees buckling, they'd still bark and snarl. in fact, some of their sentences would sound like a long, drawn-out growl. if enough stress is piled on-top of their psyche, they will revert back to a feral, merciless state. all of this was due to the diligent teachings of giffard fusco. only under the span of 6 months. people constantly badger giffard about how he was able to do this, even asking how they could replicate these effects. straight-up refused to answer, even to his grave. milked by the media, nearly captured by crazed psuedo-scientists. even lusted after by degenerates, there was no dull moment for mandelbaum. despite it all, he kept with his two loves, film and cadwallader. they rarely weren't in a role together. art-house classics like the heartbeat where the liver is, chutney, and baby in an abandoned waterplant simply kept their names alive. eventually, mandelbaum died at 9 and a half years old from liver poisoning. i guess all that drinking.........heh......stopped the heartbeat where the liver is.....hehehe has an extremely diverse demeanor, every single person sees him as someone completely different. on the inside though, mandelbaum is a ball of weak, warm nerves. he's either anxious or angry behind whatever veil he attempts to put on. rarely ever at peace. his favorite facade of his choice is the quick-witted yet awkward, rude yet warm and accommodating "comedian"who bursts into hysterics at random. people think this is the real him, people who really have been around the mutt think thats him. however, in spite of all of the changing shits there are things that stay the same: his calculating nature, his love, his ire and his gauche movement. and if you look closer, you will see how he truly feels. even though he's very much a performer with a bit of an ego (he desperately tries to conceal via compliments to others) he's surprisingly soft-spoken and groggy. even when he's extering every fiber in his body, there's a slight clue that he's sleepy. this is especially true when he yells. which he does often for his line of work. how he approaches love is an odd thing. though he'll nosedive past the primordial hymen of the "initiation" of a relationship and give the impression that he and they have known each other for years, he'll constantly test them and then cut them off without warning if they don't comply. he likes to pretend to have strong feelings on things, even though he doesn't. likes to pretend to be a ladies man, a hands-on man, but he clearly isn't any of those. he doesn't even care when someone can see through all of this. he'll be the loudest in the bar, but that's because…[bass boosted lana del ray music plays] he's trying to drown out...the voices...he is painfully aware that the fact he isn't human is commodified and wants everyone to believe that he doesn't care. he does care. just a little. or a lot. who knows?

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