"They'll all win over me, but only once. You can say the same thing to yourself, if you want." INTP-T 8w7 Melancholic-Phlegmatic Gets the nickname "Martinson" because she refuses to sign any kind of contract with her actual name and "Martinson" as her "nom de plume." She was not given a legal name, so she calls herself Drahuše Newt. An arthouse skater she used to be friends with gave her the name and said it suited herself. Hasn't objected the name since. Her original mother planned on calling her Angelia because of that Richard Marx song. Has paper mache "beads" on her hair that she cannot take off for the life of her. More often than not, if you find Drahuše, you will definitely find her naked, binding her fat into shapes and patterns. When she isn't naked, she's wearing a get-up that her old caretakers gave to her. Keeps her hair pink and umbrella shaped by simply being based and awesome. That's just the power she holds. She either has an all encompassing smile or has the sneer of someone who has been wronged over and over. A bit of a wild card. That personality of her's can fill a room, yet her lips almost never move. And when they do, her voice refuses to move off one note. If not disturbed by her general lack of clothes, they are disturbed by some of her quips. They focus on the morbid. She's subtly headstrong and even a bit self-centered, but you'd never see it due to how nearly motherly she can be. Objective soles standing on emotional ground. Her mind could be the sturdiest part of her body or the weakest based on which "neural pathway" her mind chooses to go by, and that may be true for most people, but it's extremely true to her. To some people, she becomes unnaturally submissive or becomes something like a nagging wife Not even Drahuše knows why she does this. Pushing thirty (she is late in her twenty-seven years), she lives in an abandoned, insect infested cabin near a church which she has visited a few times. And now, her reputation. It does vary. Folks often look the other way when she passes and it either makes her sneer or fill her with joy. Word does spread around and she's often approached by good samaritans or priests attempting to help or police arresting her for indecent exposure. This leads to her wearing clothes again...but for a significantly shorter amount of time. Drahuše doesn't really see any harm in just being naked, so she does it again and again. She's a bit punk, ya know? Totally doesn't, like, listen to authority and shit because they're fucking stupid and brainless. Martinson knows what the actual fuck is up. Prone to being a bit paranoid and doesn't tell people her actual name unless she's known them for more than 9 months. Even then, she'll ask you weird trick questions. For some reason, Panagoita was pretty much free from this and she went straight to nagging at him. She constantly has to ward herself from weirdasses who want to exploit her. Having to escort people out of her "house" wasn't something that happened rarely, either. She has no real motivation, and just lives day to day. Just lives for the small moments in life. The really quaint ones you tell to your friends and families at dinner tables. There's a question as to why she does what she does and the townspeople have a plethora of answers. But according to Drahuše herself, there is only one correct answer. It's fat binding. She is obsessed with the human body—how complex and strong yet fragile it is, so she fat binds as a love letter to the body. She's so infatuated with skin, that in fact she has small clay models of clumps of flesh and fat attached under her hair. As it may come as a shock to most townspeople, Drahuše has a friend. Singular; Pangoita Kane. Their friendship is a bit odd as they seem to have little to no chemistry, as most of their public conversations just seem to be Kane spouting off pseudo-intelligent bullshit as she slowly nods or makes a moue. But they care about each other and have more in common than most think. Her parents weren't killed, but came to the conclusion that they couldn't take care of her due to multiple factors, like their hoarding, their violent mean streaks, etc. Yet at the same time, they didn't want to abort, so they went on with the pregnancy and just...put her on the side of the road. There she sat for about eight days. She was riddled with ant bites and one particularly jarring human bite mark. Found by a woman and her schizophrenic sister, they took care of her until she was nine. Their household consisted of three members, an elderly woman with dementia, who had no relation to the other two women. She had crawled to the two's front door in a stupor, and they had hesitantly housed her ever since. House was either devastatingly messy or suspiciously clean and the woman and her schizophrenic sister were responsible for that, respectively. The woman and her schizophrenic sister tried to take care of her the best they could, but the woman's sister constantly had to cut herself from the caretaking because of the unreliability of her medication and the woman herself due to her frustrations of not knowing how to raise a child. Taking Drahuše in was an impulsive decision. They were hesitant to take her to the police in their area due to how corrupt and disorganized they were known to be. Now they were hesitant to let her go because they weren't exactly sure where to take her. The death of the elderly woman came. Then the woman's sister's negative symptoms started to pile up. She had to make a choice. Drahuše was put in the hands of a neighbor, until Drahuše ran away and took up life on the streets.