I'm the type of guy who enjoys series as a whole. Before I came here, I didn't know JFA, AJ and DD were supposed to be bad, and oh man am I constantly remembered about it. I think you guys clearly lack a vast amount of suspension of disbelief. This part of the game is wacky ? This part of the plot relies on a lucky event ? This vilain isn't the most perfect vilain ever made and is just someone who killed someone ? Wow, BIG FUCKING DEAL. If you're willing to play a super serious game, go read Agatha Christie or something. If you don't accept that some event could not happen without a fair amount of luck, and if you only accept murder plans that would work in absolutely 100% of situations, then crime plots would be extremely bland and limited. The culprit made an error that is not found out until later in the investigation ? Man, who could have thought that the police isn't omniscient. And finally, about the vilains... I think you guys just picked the wrong series. Personally, and it is also what my AA fan friends think, I believe that you can't seriously be into this game to have 100% perfect murder writing, so great that it would work perfectly in real life. I play this game for his unique characters, wacky and over the top murder plots, humoristic moments, etc. And I believe someone who doesn't accept that Ace Attorney IS about those things should just stop playing. You hated AJ and DD ? I think it's time to stop buying the games before you get in another rage fit when AA6 comes out, buddy. Anyway, what I mean is, it's fine if you don't like some games, but sometimes by coming here I seriously think that some of you don't even like 1/3 of the series. Why the FUCK are you here in a fan community if you can't even enjoy the games ? You guys should just move to another. Then again, my rant is not about saying "if you don't like it, get out", that's not what I'm saying at all. I don't like some part of the games myself, and people out here probably dislike even more. My rant is about the fact that you can't accept what Ace Attorney is actually about, or what it is becoming. Seriously, I could point out stupid shit that happened in your favorite cases and you wouldn't even realize how stupid it is because you still liked it. Maryse is a skin bag. Skin bags usually take on the culture of the area they were born in and attempt to embody it, using DNA such as dead skin, hair, anything with stray DNA in it is fair game, too. Maryse was born in Seattle near a now abandoned con-area, an area you use for making convention shit, you know what I mean. Like a stadium almost? You probably already know what I mean. Dry and dead flakey skin from more than two con go-ers eventually unintentionally created Maryse. They (Maryse) came up with their name because it was the name of one of the original characters that the DNA contributors had. An odd form of telepathy this skin bag holds, along with their own thoughts, they can hear their "creator”'s voices and thoughts in their head. Maryse has a very, very cloying personality, very terminally online and uses buzzwords like nobody's business. The main redeeming quality that their personality can be falsely recognized as, "kind."Like very generically kind. Like, "Hey, sweetie,"kind. What a fucking asshole. It's not unusual to be on their "bad side."Nearly everything is a potential slight to them, and it's not a rare occurrence to be physically attacked by them. However, they don't have bones (their body is propped up by a harder layer of skin, not harder than bones, and false veins) and they're not at all a good fighter, so there's really nothing to fear. Impulse is their guidance. Almost every decision they've made has come from impulse. It doesn't seem to bother them in the slightest. False charm; something Maryse doesn't hesitate to use. Probably the only reason they have a fanbase is because of their strong farce. Their only redeeming quality is their sense of style (which for some reason, they don't utilize as they're almost always near-naked.) The reason why they don't wear clothes most of the time is because of their discomfort with most fabrics and materials. Another thing they can't stand without throwing themselves into fits is someone they "care"about suddenly cutting them off, ignoring them, ghosting them, etc. While most people just feel sad about it, Maryse will pull multiple wildcards and most of them utilize violence. It is unknown how skin bags breed and are created. Some hypothesize that they asexually reproduce during a nine month period, but most of them choose not to due to their "lack of ambition."They usually have tunnel vision goals and do not look past whatever their DNA contributor(s) were fixated on. Their habitats can be anywhere they please. They spawn randomly, or at least in places where the populace is high, most scientists seem to hypothesize. The place with the most skin bags are usually cities. (Cities with extremely poor hygiene.) More likely than not, they are humanoid, and again, more likely than not they have skin that resembles the shape of hair on top of their heads or are completely bald. Some skin bags are either constantly flaking and having to purge dead skin and other's are extremely moist as their skin naturally lubricates. All of them need to be around people, or they will cease to have purpose and slowly die. In some cases they mutilate as well, but even with that, death is still certain. Skin bags don't have to eat as their "fuel"is usually human interaction, but they have the means to eat food like a normal human, just not in the same way as them. Personalities vary throughout each skin bag, but most of them are extremely unpleasant to be around and are often killed because of this. The attitude around killing skin bags varies throughout each culture, but people either feel like their deaths are kinda unjustified, are justified, or don't matter at all. They're like snakes. Because of this, most skin bags are being cruelly tested in labs nearly all around the world, and only a small group in New Zealand seems to care. They haven't made much progress. This skin bag, Maryse, seems to have lived for a long time, probably hitting their late thirties. The longest skin bag has lived to be about fifty-years-old. Maryse needs a social circle to survive. Without them, they will quickly disintegrate into nothing and/or begin to quickly mutilate. Luckily for the people around them, Maryse cannot recognize false sympathy and false relationships, so preventing this is fairly easy. They often can be seen on the internet, desperately trying to suck the life out of whatever fad has been birthed out of the woodworks while constantly interacting with whoever they see. Any publicity is good publicity, so even if they get brutally beaten up in the middle of the street, they are fairly happy-go-lucky. People have asked about the face growing on top of their head. This quickly corrodes the blithe nature of Maryse and makes them extremely angry. Maryse's fanbase has dubbed this head, "Amy."There are obviously other names for the head, but most people call her that. Various inside jokes have spawned about Amy being the superior skin bag member, much to Maryse's displeasure. Amy is an "unwarranted"mutation, meaning that while Maryse hasn't particularly done anything to have Amy, she's still there. Amy's like a living tumor. However, Maryse won't die because of Amy's existence, which is the opposite of what Maryse so often claims. Amy will sometimes speak.