"Big old idiot, you are, huh? Okay, you aren't an idiot. You aren't. But, if I didn't like you, I won't be standing here still talking to you! Well, maybe if I wanted to get something out of you, maybe that's why but...that's not why we're friends!" (I don't know his Myer Briggs.) 4w5 Choleric-Sanguine Panagoita's likeness is a clusterfuck of image. His face resembles a vague remembering of what a spine is supposed to look like, each division of his face being able to turn like the beads on an abacus. The beads on each side of his head, resembling pigtails, then the bottom half of himself, the body of a duck, and the legs of a jerboa. Oh, and the little snaggle-tooth, too. Let's not forget about that. This is apparently by his own design—the elaborate, root-like tattoos, the aforementioned, all of it. He did that. Of course, it took mounds of his mother's trust-fund money, but he did it. He started slicing portions of his face, and though it takes a lot of pain and persistence, they really are able to turn like the beads of an abacus. The things that are supposed to represent the stuff behind the spine are just removable whistles that fall off on their own. Root tattoos he got under the span of 6 years and the lower body...uh...he doesn't like talking about that one. No one would choose to be like that unless they wanted attention, but Panagoita despises it when people stare at him or take pictures. Panagoita has also claimed that he's in constant pain and sometimes he actually regrets making himself like this. He's stayed in his house for months just to avoid it, but begrudgingly, he's decided to exploit it. For some time, he's done real-time streaming, simply walking around his little town and recording what would happen to him and spouting off streams of consciousness shit. Usually conspiracies or just contrived theories on happiness and whatnot. Despite all of this, you can see the slight fear and resentment when he speaks. It's all in his demeanor. Kane's a nice guy. He's an ambivert, yet leans more on introversion. Enjoys feeling needed by people, but not too many people at once, or he'll get pissed. Likes being in bustling, crowded areas and absolutely hates being alone. He'll stutter when talking to a cashier yet blow his larynx out speaking to random groups of people if they ask him a question. Hates being the initiator, hates structure, and hates conflict yet is constantly drawn to the things he hates. Sometimes he'll even try on the traits of things he hates just to purposely piss himself off if he's bored. He claims to respect tradition but constantly breaks it, as well. Something Kane enjoys a lot is philosophy. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a speculation or a cautious answer to a question he asked himself out loud. Instead of comforting people immediately, he'll come up with some sort of hypothesis to help them"solve"their problem, and if that doesn't work, he'll awkwardly soothe them. Similar to his friend Martinson, he's blunt, but while Martinson simply lets the consequences affect her without protest, Kane will constantly backtrack and apologize. An adopted child who grew up in a wealthy family. Before being adopted, he was lured into a "shelter for poverty." Only about six years old walking the streets after his family was brutally murdered by robbers. Despite this being heavily televised and written about, him seeing it face to face, people nagging him about it, and though his own mother sent him to therapy for it...Panagoita had no idea that it even happened and is shocked every time someone brings it up. Which is a lot. He's repressing the memory really hard. In the shelter, Panagoita was stripped from his original name and his identity, only given a number and a short description. Almost as if someone was describing a cut of meat. However, the operation was compromised and there was an attempt for all of the children to be given back to their respective parents. Panagoita was one of the children who were taken to the orphanage. Eventually, a woman with status had heard about the tragedy and decided on a whim that she would adopt one of them. Around this time, she was just building a family with her newly wed husband. Though he obviously didn't intend it, he put a wedge in their relationship. Panagoita would have violent outbursts and barely had any affection for his mother at first. Her husband was having none of it. He'd leave for days and never come back and Panagoita's mom started to suspect that he was cheating. Around ten years later, it became apparent. She was too distraught to leave him and because the husband saw her as a trophy of status (he worked as a convenience store clerk before meeting her) he didn't leave either. This drew him closer to her, and the fact that he felt"betrayed"(though he didn't know why) caused their bond to strengthen. Panagoita did homeschooling for most of his life up until high school. This and because his mother coddled him like a child, he absolutely wasn't ready for college and ended up having a meltdown the first day. He'd still go anyway, but the college and his mother constructed a way he could go to class without having human interaction. Not good. Around sophomore year of college he accidentally stumbled upon some guys' page looking for his father's. He had all types of shit done to his face. Holes almost everywhere. Tattoos. Piercings. Shit like that. Panagoita decided that he was gonna one-up him right then and there. In my humble opinion, I think he did. But at what cost? Dude absolutely tanked at every subject he had and now he looked fucking weird. Now dude is on the streets even though he has money to live the glamorous life. Why dude.