Designd by yanmei on toyhouse.

Exiled from an intergalactic hivemind due to her "defective nature"and dropped onto the middle of Nebraska, Tryphosa is still trying her hardest to adjust. Because she can't go back to her planet without having to execute a long and drawn-out plan and ending her own life would be a long and tedious process, she gave up and decided that she'd integrate herself into the society she stumbled upon. She seems to speak the language well but has no idea what the words mean and has to rely heavily on social cues and body language to get by. Words seem to run past her lips quicker than she intends, and they often bump into each other and mesh together. This along with her unnaturally high-pitched voice, which she's desperately trying to work on, means that she often has to repeat herself over and over again. Big words have no place in her vocabulary and she often uses certain words in odd contexts and misuses idioms often. Luckily for her, not a lot of people seem to care about her strange appearance, except for a few Jehova's Witnesses that is. They're too afraid to do anything, however, and desperately try to pry her away from the neighborhood. At worst, she gets confronted by people who believe that she's wearing a costume of some kind, and then she has to painstakingly explain that it is not in fact a costume of some kind. She's in the habit of wearing the same clothes over and over again and seems to not realize the concept of personal hygiene. To make a living for herself, she works as a palm-reader in a gimmick bar that focuses on the supernatural and things of that nature. That bar also has hoes in there. Lotsa hoes. She gets paid pretty well and lives with this random construction worker in a two-story house. Tryphosa is fairly versatile and can fit herself into almost any role for any kind of situation, however, she is extremely clumsy and easy to piss off. There's never a time that she'd lie because she simply has no reason to lie. Love lives rent-free in her mind, and she wishes that she could get a girlfriend one day. True love will find her in the end. That's all she can think about, the beautiful idiot. Every day she falls in love with one of the strippers in there. She's extremely outgoing, but for some reason, she always looks either tired, sad, or confused. Tired or sad never describes how she actually feels, but alas. The boss is always thinking she's having a stroke, so he keeps a close eye on her. Compliance is something that Tryphosa utilizes, but however, she won't sit back and take something if it'll hurt her. And it's useful to note, that if you're Tryphosa's friend, that Tryphosa is mostly in the game for herself and will probably allow you to rot in these streets without a single guilty thought in her conscious. She passes through this wonderful world, not loving much about it, except for beautiful spinning tops. Spinning tops are her kryptonite and could probably kill her. Oh, and she likes those sasquatches, too. Claims she wants to look just like one if she can. What a weirdo, am I right guys? Huh? Right? I'm right, you guys. On Gliese 436b, an exoplanet about the size of planet Neptune, covered in ice, inhabits a colony of formless beings completely made out of gas. Not even the beings know how and why they exist. They all share one collective consciousness and don't really do shit on the planet, but whatever they do, they have to do it together, or someone is getting their ass kicked. Tryphosa did not get that memo in the slightest. Other beings started to sense a disturbance in the consciousness. Someone wasn't following the flow properly. For a few light years, they decided to ignore her. Maybe she'd straighten herself out, maybe she'd be overshadowed by more consciousnesses but neither of that happened. In fact, they suspected that Tryphosa was actually attempting to pull them closer to the sun to cause the planet's demise, and if Gliese 436b died, the gas beings would die as well. And because everyone in the gas thing knew what each other was thinking and Tryphosa didn't try to object or defend herself (because she couldn't) they decided to simply eject her from the planet so they could save their asses. 32 or so light years pass, and she pierces the atmosphere, the exosphere, the mesosphere, the stratosphere, the ozone layer and the troposphere and lands near where she'd work for the rest of her life, the weird palm-reading gimmick bars with hoes in it. It would take 31 years of walking around Nebraska to take a semi-human form, learn basic English and learn how to be a human. During this town, sightings of strange creatures that looked almost human started to be reported around Nebraska. That was her and some other girlie, Tryphosa doesn't know her. She'd stalk people and attempt to soak up the information, and that's basically how she is the person alien thing she is now. The house she lives in she got by arguing relentlessly with the construction worker guy over her appearance because he thought she was some weird cosplayer or something. She mentioned that the inside of his house looked dirty, and offered to clean it for him almost everyday if she can stay in said house. For some reason, the guy gave up and just let her stay there. She's still in that house. Tryphosa also got her job at the weird gimmick bar place by employing a similar method. She continuously got into fights with the owner and then randomly mentioned that they could have another palm-reader stationed in the gimmick bar and then the owner of the bar just passive aggressively asked her if she would want to work there and she said yes. So, she was allotted a job.