Pretty much yeah another throwaway character ill forget in under an hour? fuck yes! this is the manifestation of mesothelioma and she won't give you compensation because she's a big old meanie and she's just so goddamn mean and unfair and mean. maybe she's just really mean because of childhood trauma. i wouldn't fucking know. Apple Juice Piss Girl is a random manifestation of illness, specifically mesothelioma and lung cancer. If you have qualms with the long name or the profanity, Apple Juice Piss Girl likes to be called Clarissa Lucas. Her personality is extremely toxic but she won't make you ill just by standing near her or anything. In fact, she doesn't really carry the disease or have any powers. She's just a random manifestation She isn't exactly immortal; she only dies when killed. If not killed, she could live for literally ever. Doesn't have any organs and cannot feel any type of physical pain. Cannot get sick at all. Her skin feels like sandpaper, and if the wind is blowing hard enough, you can see little gray particles scattering off. Bleeds in pink. Is full of pink, syrupy blood like a goddamn gusher. Sometimes it even spills out of her mouth when she's talking. Manifesting in a hoarder's house corner in 2002, she began living her life as a normal human being, for the most part. It took her many years to develop stuff like a "larynx" and learning the human language and shit like that. She was practically born in the form of a middle aged woman. Or at least was born looking like a middle aged woman, I dunno. The guy who was in the house considers her the daughter that ran away and is still mourning his loss to this day. She likes mice, thinking them to be the "most oppressed animal" and wants to save them, all while owning them as pets and not doing a good job at doing so. Piss Girl also really loves the shape of umbrellas and mostly only goes to the beach to see them. Apple Juice Piss Girl has no real identity but likes to say that she's from Paris France or whatever despite not knowing a lick of French culture. She also unironically thinks that the French are all completely innocent and have done nothing wrong. She probably joins weird anti-vaxxer Facebook groups and types in all caps while saying some dumb shit. Ironically, the thing she's most good at is cleaning extremely large areas without getting tired. It's almost become like a career for her. Spending most of her time in the streets of the town, she likes hanging out near the laundromat and engaging with the people who walk outside of it. She already comes off as bad news when you first see her, she has no concept of personal space, she's already asking a plethora of questions while giggling and looking back to whoever she thinks is her friend is, who most likely always is not her friend. People don't know if she's genuinely stupid or just likes making a fool out of people. Most likely both. Clarissa can either come off as neurotic or bubbly when she's this way. Though she doesn't put in much effort to hide some of her more "darker" traits, she's definitely trying to use this demeanor for something. Self-control, she has practically no concept of such a thing. Whatever she has an urge to do, she will absolutely do it. Affection isn't her forte, but she is interested in the idea of romance, constantly implementing such things into her pranks. A genuine relationship isn't likely at all, as she's annoyed by things not going her way and is prone to bullying. However, even though she is quite insufferable, at least you can rely on her to be sincere. Clarissa finds it hard to tell a lie. Would probably kill people more often if she wasn't concerned about her nonexistent reputation. Likes fear-mongering people and likes being in complete control. She'll flip to an odd scared ruse to "save herself" and if that doesn't work, she'll move to violence. Has a raucous feminine baritone voice that she'll play up to intimidate people. Will cough randomly. She doesn't know if this is just "in her genetics'' or it's just a habit. Either way, it pisses her off. Depending on the occasion, she'll shift the pitch upwards and allow her vocals to fry and whine. Hones the vocab of your average teenage girl with an emphasis on euphemisms that aren't needed. This was already mentioned, but there's really nothing more to this character, so I'll just go deeper into her backstory. An elderly man, about 74, had lost his wife to mesothelioma. They were still living in a fucking house that had asbestos and I guess that old woman just crossed the threshold of the asbestos she could take. Apparently so did six other people, because the house the old couple lived in was old as shit and other people got it and inherited the cough cough illness. Five months after the woman's death, a really fucked up version of Apple Piss Girl just started hanging out around the house. At first, the old man thought he was hallucinating and that this was just his way of coping, but when Apple Juice Piss Girl started talking to him and asking him for milk, he realized the real of her yes. He'd visit her in the pink asbestos sheets when she was too lazy to move around the house and give her milk. They would sometimes play chess together. He would tell her about life in the good ol' days and she would try so hard to pretend she cared. She couldn't talk, so it was a good chance for him to work on his monologuing. The old man barely got any visitors, but when he did, Apple Juice Piss Girl made sure to hide away from them. After six years of milk, she became stronger and just fucking left out of nowhere. Now the old man's all alone. Fucked up.