this motherfucker was suppsoed to be the guy that collects the hormones from a short story inmade but i really just don't fuckibg like this motherfucker i would beat him up in an alleyway, Elam is a thirty-six-year-old white man that lived a normal life in Orange County, California before the all-encompassing war that destroyed nearly all of humanity. Now he lives on a colony in the moon where a cryogenic machine keeps him alive, now living as a hormone hustler due to the fact that old people cannot process hormones that have to do with emotion properly for some unknown reason. The cryogenic machine pumps their mind full of this shared, almost virtual reality-like world and they're all supposed to thrive off of it. However, there's a blindspot in the cryogenic machinery. Old people's hormones and shit like that are blocked and they need such a thing to survive. There IS a service that does the basic ones, but shit like adrenaline, dopamine, etc. is not covered at all. That's where people like Elam come in. He basically shares his hormones with old people...for a profit of course. What else would he do it for? Some people have hailed him as a saint amongst men, calling his services, "the most efficient [they've] seen in a while" and others think he's a scammer and a hack. All of them are true. He was supposed to be in a series I and Amo were gonna make but he got replaced by Adone, Carlos. What a shame. He enjoys his job and all of the fun shit that comes with it, but absolutely hates most of his clients and tries his best to hide this fact. It usually doesn't work, and he has a reputation for being an asshole to his clients. Elam seems to have forgotten how he even came here and disregards the billions of lives lost as just "business," and while he is annoyed by how hyperactive the simulation can get at times, he's absolutely happy to be there. He's usually a daredevil, but an extremely jumpy one at that, so he's usually a burden to the more experienced ones. Before the war, he lived without effort on his aunt's couch and did basically nothing after dropping out of high school. Yes, he only has a high-school education. That's not inherently bad, but you know, he's not doing anything with his life right now. He doesn't even really have hobbies. He likes food, though. He also likes anime bitches with big titties though. He likes people who he thinks are smarter than him just because they use a bunch of buzzwords he's never heard before. Elam initially wasn't a hormone hustler. He spent his first years in the cryogenic tank with a lot of avatar shifters. They're basically people extremely hung up on how they look in the cryogenic reality, and Elam fitted that description. The only picture I've drawn of him so far is basically his avatar, and even though he has moved far apart from the avatar shifters, he does not take it off. He literally has violent mental breakdowns if he's asked to take if off and if people ask him if he has an avatar on, he'll deliberately lie. Has a habit of spacing out when the simulation gets too much. This could last for hours and eventually bleed into his work. He really doesn't wanna take that shit off. This is because he has body image problems and has had them since an extremely young age. It's something that hasn't worn off. Elam has a quietly flamboyant personality, often really encompassed in what he sees as high-art or not, even in a reality where such a thing can be produced without much effort. He is very gullible however and has gotten himself in many a-pinch due to this. As previously mentioned, he's jumpy and not at all prudent, making most of his decisions on a whim. Prone to being overwhelmed easily and constantly begs people to be patient with him. You'd think he would be patient with other people, but he's highly demanding and likes dumping all of his thoughts onto people. Elam will talk about the most fucked up shit without anything warranting it. Doesn't care about the aftermath of his shenanigans, especially if they're pinned on someone else. Two trucks having sex. Two trucks having sex. However, there will be times where Elam would be humbled and put in his place, but don't expect it to bring about any change. On earth, Elam wasn't as interesting. His legal name was Bob Fassbender. No, Bob isn't a shortened version of "Robert" in this case. His first legal name was just...Bob. Not even on the internet where you can put on whatever persona you want was he that interesting. (However, he learned to fix the Bob dilemma fairly quickly.) He was extremely bland, found everything weird, and would mostly just respond to everything in a monotone voice. He's just really bland. He had no motivation, no real purpose in life. Just really liked sitting around in his goddamn house all day and being on his electronics. It's like a Boomer's worst nightmare. He gave up when he was twelve. Fucking twelve years old he gave up trying to make a future for himself. This was most likely due to the fact that his mother constantly limited what he could and could not do. There's discipline and there's straight-up limiting creativity and fun. His mother did the former. Because of this, he would constantly act out in class, outright refuse to do his work, and would get into arguments with the teacher. Instead of his mother attempting to nurture him in any type of meaningful way, she just yelled at him and sent him to live with his aunt. The aunt tried to do whatever she possibly could, but eventually gave up when he got into his teens. Then the war happened, the bastard was lucky enough to be forced outside by his Aunt's boyfriend, he was drafted into a bunker, given a choice between life or death, chose life and blah, blah, blah the rest is history or some shit.