Classy-Cat (maker of the OC's design) says: For pithoshaped. Hey hey hope you like it! I've put some info for him, but you can change some if you want c: Over the span of six years, a nameless man went through the trouble of creating a life-sized doll in the image of a man. Wood from the trees in his backyard made the prosthetic legs, rubber painted a cream-ish color made up the face and the arms. The hands were made out of an odd, ink-like substance, which he carved until the shape was just right. Plucking out his own hair for the doll, he poked holes in the doll's scalp, dipped every individual hair in glue, and stuck a few strands in each one of them. Afterward, he'd shape it up by trimming it. However, the hairs kept falling off, to the man's chagrin. Using the last bit of money from his savings, he bought two amber stones and drew a few wavy lines in ink across them. Those were the eyes. More rubber, this time for the ears. Some bandages to hide where the rubber limbs connected with his equal rubber center. More of his own hair to create the eyebrows. Absolutely drained, he felt as if someone cursed him and blessed him at the same time. It was finished. He couldn't stop crying. During a particularly windy morning, he brought the doll to the witch doctor and asked if he could put a man's ashes in it. Luckily for him, the answer was yes. The man in question happened to belong to a man named Corin Fabron. A heavy drinker, and of course, a heavy smoker. He came from a family that prioritized the importance of war when what they needed at that moment was peace. They were too poor to even stand on their own two legs. Even once, in a drunken fit of rage, Corin suggested that they kill the smallest child to cut expenses. Sometimes what he said during times like that greatly disgusted him. Before the war, before the poverty, and before the drinking, he was someone completely different. Responsibility used to be his strong trait, that's what the neighbors would usually tell his parents. Though he was a bit unconventional at times, constantly twitching and scratching where there apparently wasn't an itch, he was a fast learner, a diligent learner, ambitious, and a hard-working one at that. Poverty drove him to the booze at a young age and the booze drove him to madness. Anger always seemed to overtake him. The twitching that people once saw as a simple quirk and nothing else...when he was drunk, people claimed that it was demonic. Even the farmer that once allowed six-year-old Corin to hang around the barn suddenly stopped letting his livestock run free and began to lock them indoors. The family could smell the stench of animal shit and rotting flesh every day. It was miserable. There wasn't even a high point when he became drunk anymore. His father constantly lived in the past, clinging to the fact that he was a general in a war that had happened over thirty-eight years ago. The mother was too stuck in her own world to face the very obvious imminent danger that they were in. The brother was mute and withdrawn. For years, the misery dragged on. And then, the country was plunged into war. Corin was an agnostic before, but when he was drafted, he became an atheist. If there was any effort, reason, or strategy to the war, Corin wasn't it. It was almost as if the booze had a permanent effect on him. He couldn't stop throwing himself into the arms of death, even sometimes bringing other soldiers into imminent danger. He would be scolded, stripped naked, and be beaten by all of the other soldiers who could've died because of him. One of the soldiers that beat him would end up becoming deeply infatuated with him shortly after. The nameless man, Joffrey Étienne Salmon. Corin would barely even acknowledge that the other existed, but Corin was the world to Joffrey. Joffrey was born to a family of substantial needs. They didn't have the world, but they were more well-off than most. He had a roof over his head, a mother, no father, and four other siblings. At that time, that's all Joffrey wanted. He had an extremely playful demeanor, a bit big-headed but was usually the peacemaker and one of the more "stable" children. However, over time, their mother began to forget how to do basic tasks, then she'd forget her children's names, then she'd die. He was only fourteen at the time. It absolutely killed every ounce of willpower that was in him. The only place he knew would give him shelter and keep him working was the military. Despite his young age and the fact that he had "something wrong with him", they allowed him to join, first making him simply run errands, do chores around the housings, and then begin to fight. Joffrey was about twenty when Corin was drafted. He wanted to get as close to him as possible, but it seemed as if they were always separated by duty. He went from admiring Corin and simply wanting to be like him, to wanting to be as close to him as possible. Eventually, his wish was granted. Joffrey was able to sleep in the same chamber as him for about six months. One day, they were on the topic of what their lives were like before the war. When it was Joffery's turn to speak, Corin constantly spoke over him. Women happened to be the subject of his comments until he came right out and asked Joffrey if he'd like to lie with him. The answer seemed to be pretty obvious. And even though Corin (obviously) used Joffery for comfort, it didn't stop him from thinking that there was a genuine relationship between them. This angered Corin, but he didn't want to eliminate the convenience. Corin was still a suicide soldier and succumbed to his fate. People poked fun at Joffrey during this time, and he could barely grieve. Delusion started to creep into his mind, and he decided to take Joeffry's ashes and escape from the military. Skim twelve years and Corin's youngest sibling is an up-and-coming, yet struggling blues singer with both of his parents dead. His memory didn't even exist in him. The blues singer vehemently denies that he has a brother. The only person who seemed to remember Corin in fond memory happened to be Jeffory. He built a house where he assumed that Corin lived based on their conversations, but it wasn't. Simply a place that matched the description. Besides Corin's ashes, he had notes that they had passed to each other during training, they were framed on walls. Funding the materials and the food in his stomach, Corin became a prostitute on what is considered to be the most dangerous street in the country. He would often have to fight off attackers and other creeps, and with the help of his co-workers, he'd evade danger every time. One day he was ranting to a client about his lost love until the client mentioned the fact that there was a witch doctor near where they were staying that night. Not even a second after the client said that, Jeffory went to go see them. They had established a plan: make doll man, put ashes in doll man's mouth, chant over doll man, doll man becomes man, give me money or die. Joffrey believed that this would work, and if he wasn't able to afford it by the time he was finished, he was determined to die. Joffery finished the doll and the witch doctor used the wrong ashes. Joffrey is never seen or heard of again. The ashes used were from a young girl named Candide who accidentally was caught in military crossfire. She now wanders the streets of that city, using a deep-monotone voice to ask people for penny change in the streets. Successful, witty, clever, reassuring and alert, yet completely unaware of her origins or willing to question it in the slightest, she relishes in the attention and status she has.