Ough I have no idea who she is, or who she's supposed to be but she looks cute, so... yes. I'm just gonna say that she's extremely erratic and non-caring about small details and can come off as really mean due to her resting bitch face but is actually very cool to hang out with. i bet she's like an adventurer who likes trance music or some shit. you'd have to ask her. maybe she's in her early twenties and dying from Lyme disease, i dunno. Pen, real name Penelope Barnes, is a 23-year-old girl who wants to stop hormone hustling for multiple reasons. She really likes cars. For some reason, her avatar is naked, but lacks any sex organs, so. Yeah. I also changed my mind about her liking trance music. She prefers French House a lot more. She's a bit cringe, though, 'cause she doesn't like Daft Punk. I mean, what kind of monster do you have to be to not like Daft Punk? Has an odd sympathy for the old people who are hooked on hormones and will often conduct interviews with them. She has a book of transcripts of these conversations. Pen approves of the fact that the war happened, but doesn't like the fact that everyone happens to be in cryogenic tanks. Her plan is to somehow disconnect everyone from the false reality and have them cope with the fact that they're already dead. Besides all of the anti-cryogenic talk, she really likes to meet new people and get their opinions on their life in their new reality and how they feel about the war. Though she'll never change her opinion or her plan, she highly values other people's thoughts on this. Pen's reputation in this plane is a bit mixed. There are people who surely want her dead due to the fact that she's very open about her intentions and what she wants to do, but there are some people who find her interesting and want to know more about her. Because of this, she never stays in one area for long and doesn't consider anyone her friend, as much as it hurts her. She is quite the adventurer and likes traversing the lands that the cryogenic reality has allotted her, making many friends along the way, however, she is only doing this so she can be more acquainted with the thing she hates, thinking that if she knows her enemy, there's no way she can lose against it. Before she was forced into the cryogenic machine, she used to be a taxi driver in Birmingham, usually taking hikes when she wasn't doing her job. It didn't bring in much money, but it was honest work and she enjoyed it. There are times where she feels extremely nostalgic and it's one of her fatal flaws that she hangs out to the past, and sometimes it's extremely hard for her to live in the present. Again, in spite of this, she likes the fact that the war happened. No one knows why. You'll rarely see a smile on her face, but that doesn't mean she's not happy. She just doesn't feel the need to smile, is all. Story-telling is her forte. Whenever she senses a conversation is dying, she'll quickly talk about her past and all of the funny and quaint life stories she has. It doesn't work all of the time, but when it does, it's magic. Even though she's usually low and slow-talking, it only takes a small trigger for her to go off the walls and start acting on impulse, and she has some strange impulses. And when the episode is over, if there's any harm done, she won't apologize and will suddenly leave to relieve all responsibility. Rebellion is a natural bone in Pen's body. If there's any status quo, she will challenge it. She doesn't care about the small details in the heat of the moment and loves cutting right to the chase, and is often silent during battles or conflict so she can keep her energy on the second as opposed to the minute. Though she can be extremely affectionate and give a lot of love, she can just as easily take that love back. As a child, she was one of the many daughters born to a doting yet poor couple in Texas. They considered giving her up for adoption, but it physically hurt them both to be without her, so they kept her. Sometimes they wished they didn't. Constantly owing money, loan sharks waltzed in and out of her parent's house. Initially, they didn't do much, just give the run-of-the-mill stern talk. It didn't take much for them to turn violent. On one occasion, the oldest was beaten into a coma and didn't come back for three weeks. Like any other child, she became scared. Then she became angry. She didn't magically overpower the loan sharks, didn't magically have them turn away in a moment of truth, but whenever they beat someone, Pen would always beat back. They couldn't get the police involved. Her mother had too many chips on her shoulder and the way her father moved would've gotten them all killed by the cops. Eventually, they were free from the loan sharks. They moved away and didn't look back. Of course, the trauma followed with them. As time went on, the family began to fall apart. Two of the children went from "dabbling" in drugs to be consumed by it. They stole the little amount of money the family had to keep their addiction alive. This in turn broke the bond of the two parents, because one of them wanted to believe that somehow this wasn't happening while the other was all too aware. This ended up affecting the other kids greatly, seeing their parents fight and/or watching as the person they grew up with for most of their life decay...there was no way it WOULDN'T take a toll. Penelope didn't want to stick around to see her family disintegrate, so at age 17, she left the house.