Infected with the spirits and dormant diseases of multiple horned animals while spending most of his adult life criticizing high fashion and documenting the weird shit that happens around him while living with OCD and PTSD, Susumu Uyeno, known to his few fans as just Susumu, is going through hell on all fronts. Sneering through it all. Due to the fact that he lives with a bunch of animal spirits, he has the tendency to be quite territorial and he doesn't try to explain to anyone that this isn't on purpose because he doesn't know how to express himself properly. He can often be seen in one get-up and gets upset pretty easily if someone confuses it for cosplay. Impulsive thoughts about animals being brutally slaughtered, religious scenarios, and children being beaten. He often has ruminations on questions regarding his father and what he could've done to "save him,"and has gone over myriads of hypothetical plans. These thoughts also happen to bleed into his other relationships, where he thinks he isn't doing enough to "save them,"and will often urge his friends to tell them if they need help and doesn't believe them when they say that they don't, in fact, need help. Refuses to have any type of relationship with someone if they can't be blunt and decisive, but funny enough, he cannot be blunt or decisive. He's constantly questioning every single portion of his life and often needs to hang on to affirmations to quell his fears. While it doesn't stop the obsessions, it does help Susumu with coping with them. Susumu often attempts to hide away from authority figures or anyone who looks like his father and/or an authority figure due to fear of being yelled at. He hates loud noises and constantly goes out with headphones full of ambient sound. Despises sterile workplaces and people dressed as if they're going to work. There are rarely ever times where he doesn't suffer from nightmares and cold sweats. They remind them of his father. Also doesn't like religious imagery due to it reminding him of his father. Susumu often has a sneering face and eyes that rarely ever move. Even during the highest points in his mental health, he's constantly taking the escapist route yet is rational when in a "clear-headed space."Creativity definitely isn't a weak point for Susumu, often injecting it into everything he possibly can. He can come off as jumpy and impulsive as well. One of his favorite aesthetics are clunky plastic, cluttered clothing, and painted faces, some of which he even integrates into his own styles when he can. Chapstick always has to be on him because of his habit of constantly licking and biting at his lips. Cherry is his favorite. Though he has really fucked up lactose intolerance, he refuses to stop eating anything with dairy, which makes him guilty for several other reasons which we'll get into later. His apartment is his safe haven and he barely gets out of there unless it's absolutely necessary. The only reason why he has friends (and this isn't to insult him or anything) is because of their insistence, not of his own. He appreciates them all the same and would probably be devastated if they left him. Every Sunday he creates a log of the things that he's seen, experienced and some fashion shit. He has about 200 or something followers, most of them barely check in though. Life started in a crowded apartment. Narrowly escaping premature death due to the help of a stranger. Not long after Susumu was born, his mother left him with his father and never came back. Initially, all was well. The father was doting, and for a while, Susumu was happy. When the father was working his job as a specialist in mergers and acquisitions in an investment firm, he'd have a babysitter take care of Susumu. A year passes, and everything is thrown into chaos. First, the babysitter is fired during a long rant that seemed to come out of nowhere, his father starts to stay more and more in the studio, often muttering under his breath and then he leaves for longer and longer periods of time. Susumu learned basic English from his babysitter's conversations on the phone and mimicked the way she cooked, even at times accidentally burning himself. Work became more and more stressful for Susumu's father. At first it became giggling one-sided banter about how he couldn't keep up with his counterparts, then a sobbing tirade about how badly he wanted to fit in with the others. How he wanted what the others had. It became a routine that became more and more volatile. Sometimes his father would come home and smash plates over his head, constantly claiming that he was going to die and yelling and setting his clothes on fire. He would yell out "morals"that he believed that Susumu had to pay attention to such as, "Be kind to animals, do your best no matter the cost, ignore the pain, animals are better than humans,' and would sometimes even add some religious shit in there as well. Never would his father lay a single hand on him during any of these ordeals, but they affected him nonetheless. He was constantly on edge, wondering what his father would do next, if he's hurt himself. He tried to ignore these feelings by attempting to educate himself with some of the spare books the studio had, but once his father caught him reading them, he immediately threw them out and began beating himself over the head with them, telling Susumu that he was going to die soon. After his father was hospitalized during the aftermath of these ordeals, the same man who helped Susumu's mother give birth to him helped him enroll into school. He was thrust into 8th grade with a 4th grade education at best. Needless to say, he didn't adjust well. The concept of bell schedules evaded him, he didn't understand the work, he didn't like how loud the lunchrooms would be and could be found in the nurses' office, hands over his ears, rocking back and forth. The man heard about the troubles Susumu was going through and insisted that he stay and get over it. During this time, an aspiring fashion designer found him and started passively hanging out with him. He liked the fact that her hair was dyed a bright pink and decided to dye his blue. Susumu's father also died. It overwhelmed him, and around this time, this is when his OCD and PTSD symptoms started to rear their ugly heads. He started realizing his gender dysphoria and didn't know the name for such a thing. Susumu wasn't able to make it through high school and around this time he was possessed by the horned animals we mentioned earlier in the bio. This was because he was intruding on "sacred grounds"and was hanging too close to a mass grave of horned animals. He started to work as an intern for a car dealer, but quickly executed himself due to how talkative the car salesmen could be. He started to invest in the stock market, which gave him a living for a while. That's around the time he started living in his own apartment and created that bull get-up. Yep.