zdenka, a teen and an extremely proud victim of circumstance. his claim to residential fame besides his ridiculous headwear, which is actually a living part of him that will bleed when cut, is his odd behavior, wandering around town and asking people for directions to places that don't exist. the name he holds had became a bit of a legend at this point, and there's not such thing as not attracting attention everywhere he goes. everyday zdenka's dad dares to reject their morals and start exploiting him, and believe me, the line is growing very thin. in his spare time, he likes to play bass for a non-existent band stuck within the holes of the ozone layer. and when they finally rise and burn into the sun, he spends his time drawing little circles in the sand. he desperately wants to believe that he's special. he isn't. he is. distinguished by his lethargic yet distantly authoritarian and nonsensical personality, people are drawn to him even more. when people talk to him, he likes mentioning minuscule things about themselves and will loudly point out if someone is trying to get something from him, like a reaction a certain emotion, etc. every time you spot him, he's up to something, almost never sitting. and if you allow him, he'll let a conversation mainly be about himself. he thought his uncle and his father were a married couple, so in school he often bragged about having two dads. in reality, zdenka's dad berated and kicked out his wife due to suspected "demonic behavior" none of which she actually exhibited. they didn't officially divorce, but his wife was scared to death and didn't want to come back to the house at all, and he was too proud to go out and apologize to her. since this episode proved to his father that he was becoming increasingly paranoid, he decided to have his brother live with him and his son just to keep an eye on them both. zdenka also bragged about his gay dads being "ultimate rockstars." this also wasn't true. they were apart of a struggling cover band that would play in a restaurant in a [KNOCK OFF DISNEYLAND]. they'd be viscously underpaid. besides those two exciting details about zdenka's life, it was all so quiet. nothing happened in their little neighborhood. almost every summer would be boring for zdenka, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. he'd pet stranger's dogs without permission, hang around neighbors that were significantly older than him and even pick some of the wildflowers. a menace to society wouldn't even sum up the monstrosities he'd commit. they were all still extremely boring to zdenka, so he decided he'd keep on doing it, but whilst maladaptive daydreaming. this legend wasn't born with his iconic wrinkle dog stomach hat, but it came to him during one of his most daring adventures. one time, he was shuffling off into the forest while thinking about a U2 music video he had seen. unbeknownst to him, a bunch of kids were doing some witchcraft with a dog. long story short, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and he has that weird little wrinkle dog on his head. he was absolutely devastated at the time and wanted to crawl in a hole and die, but as he went into his teens, he started to embrace it, even wearing his iconic clothing to match it.